Witcherfest Event Ticket

Enjoy all three days of Witcherfest, December 16, 17, and 18, with entry to the event, an exclusive event lanyard and pin, and an event drinking stein for your revelry. All attendees are strongly encouraged to cosplay from the world of the Witcher to be fully immersed in the drama and intrigue of the story!

Ticket does not include lodging, airfare, food, or merchandise.


Queen's Dinner Add-on

On December 16 and 17, enjoy dinner in the court of Her Royal Highness of Brugamid, the magnanimous Queen Osanna. Help Queen Osanna decide if she should capitulate and join Nilfgaard for the potential salvation of her people... or stand and fight for Brugamidian sovereignty. Your choices on each night will effect subsequent events and dinners and determine the course of the kingdom!

Queen's Dinner ticket add-ons require a main event ticket for attendance and include entrance to the dinner on December 16 and 17, your meal, and special gift from the Queen each night, but the fate of Brugamid is all up to you.


Witcher Training Add-on

Take your Witcher training to the next level with an exclusive training course by professional Witchers. Learn combat techniques, monster identification, and run the gauntlet to test your physical prowess. Show off what you've learned during the exhibition bouts on the last day of the festival, December 18.

Witcher Training add-ons require a main event ticket for attendance and include exclusive Witcher training, a Witcher medallion, and an event hoodie.